Northern Reflections

When I look back on the summer of 2022, one of my favourite memories will be taking an early evening walk along one of the most beautiful, peaceful beaches I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t camping, or even on a holiday – I was visiting Sayisi Dene First Nation in Tadoule Lake, Manitoba, a fly-in community… Continue reading Northern Reflections


Know Your Worth

Leaving my full-time, secure, well-paying job to start my own business in May, 2018 after 33 years as an employee plunged me into the unknown. I was elated, terrified, relieved, apprehensive…all the feelings! But most of all, I felt free. And I’ve never been happier. But I have to admit – it hasn’t all been… Continue reading Know Your Worth


Happy Father’s Day, Dad

It’s almost Father’s Day and for some reason, this year, I am missing my Dad – a lot. Dad’s been gone for 15 years. His passing, of a sudden, massive heart attack, was a huge shock to many. He was 69 and anyone who knew him would have expected him to live another 30 years.… Continue reading Happy Father’s Day, Dad


The Power of Pie

Quitting my full-time job this past May and becoming self-employed has given me so many gifts. More time to enjoy life, freedom to do my work when it suits me, the ability to look after my granddaughter at a moment’s notice, to name just a few. But the most unexpected gift, for me, has been… Continue reading The Power of Pie


The little pink pill

I’ve taken a small pink pill every day for the past 23 years. From time to time I’ve stopped taking it but always resumed after a few days or weeks. I’ve come to realize that my overall health and well-being depends entirely on the presence of this drug in my system. And yet, this is… Continue reading The little pink pill