About me


About me

I’m a communications professional with a passion for plain language. Taking complicated subject matter and presenting it in a simple, readable, and engaging way is my niche. I love being creative and dip my toes into the design process as often as possible, but my main focus is always on the written word.

Other things that make me happy are family, yoga, gardening, reading, music, and travel.


I’ve been writing and creating my entire life. My main focus throughout my 25-year career has been working with municipal governments in various capacities, but I have diverse writing and design skills thanks to experience producing content for non-profits, volunteer organizations, and the private sector as well.

How Breeze Communications was born


Working on the same projects over and over, year after year can result in stale writing. I began stepping outside my comfort zone by accepting side projects to stimulate my creativity.

Several years passed and my side projects were competing with my day job, so I knew the time was right to take the leap. Today, my former employer is one of my biggest clients.

You can read more about my transition from employee to entrepreneur here.

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